Do you need to transport the goods? We can help you!

Reliable and high-quality transportation services for full, partial and oversized cargo in Scandinavia, Western Europe and the Baltic countries.

We deliver our services quickly and with high-quality. Timely delivery is guaranteed.
Our services benefit customers that want to save their time and costs.
Our cargos are insured by CMR insurance.

If you think that we are young and unreliable – you’re WRONG, many years of experience working in the logistics field and a lot of positive feedback from our customers CAN DENY THIS.

Our services:

We offer

Various cargo transportation by tent trailers (from 90m3 to 120m3).

We offer

Partial cargo transportation.

We offer

Cargo transportation by semi-trailers.

We offer

Organizing the transportation of oversized cargo (selection of vehicle, special permissions).

We offer

Additional international cargo insurance under the best conditions.

We offer

Freight forwarding services.

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